Octagon Systems in Canada has developed a small form factor COM Express edge computer that can use up to four AI inference accelerator cards from chip designer Blaize. This follows a strategic deal between parent company J-Squared and Blaize last November to develop rugged AI systems.

Octagon’s FALC-20 supports up to to four Blaize Xplorer X1600E EDSFF Small Form Factor accelerator cards to give performance up to 64TOPS for video processing. Blaize developed the Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) inferencing chip but also sells the accelerator cards.

The FALC-20 uses the COMe architecture to increase modularity with options for Intel’s 11th generation Core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon processors. It also includes up to 128GB DDR4 RAM with optional ECC error correction and up to 1TB of storage via an M.2 SATA slot.

“Blaize made a great strategic decision in developing a version of their solution on an EDSFF card,” said Andrew Woollard, from J-Squared’s CTO Office. “The E1.S form factor is flexible and power efficient. Integrating this into the FALC-20 design has enabled AI acceleration and storage to be interchangeable. This embraces J-Squared’s design philosophy for the FALC-20 platform of modularity and versatility.”

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