AI Conference in London is AI World Congress 2023, fostering debate as AI events and Artificial Intelligence Conference on ai technology and AI business.

The AI Conference will provide an insight into the fantastic world originating from the interactions among various fields of Artificial Intelligence.

It will also provide an international technical forum for experts to exchange ideas, present ongoing research results in most state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence areas and bring together the latest technological advancements and practical examples to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society.

AI World Congress 2023, held in London in June, features keynotes and speakers from renowned organisations such as Orange, TELUS, Experian, IMF, JP Morgan, and TECH UK.

The event offers various sessions on AI-related topics. It focuses on IoT applications, AI Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and AI companies and startups for all verticals, including automotive, healthcare, business, transport, transportation, technology, future, machine learning, ML, deep learning, neural networks, advanced AI, robotics, robots, wireless, mobile.

Attendees can also benefit from multiple networking breaks with refreshments throughout the two-day event.

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