The KDT 2023 Information Day in Rome is the continuation of the successful series of ECSEL Italy Days, and aims to be the reference forum for Italian companies and academia interested in participating to the calls of the KDT Joint Technology Initiative and to other H2020 funding programs. The event will take place at the historical seat of CNR, in Piazzale Aldo Moro, 9 in Rome. In the morning, representatives of the ECSEL/KDT Office and of the Ministries supporting the KDT JU (MUR and MIMIT) will present the KDT calls 2023 and the Italian initiatives for the coming European Chips Act, including the recent «Tavolo tecnico per lo studio e la formulazione di contenuti in materia di tecnologie dei semiconduttori», and the IPCEI. In the afternoon, other opportunities in Horizon Europe will be presented by APRE, project ideas and partnership opportunities from Austrian and Swedish partners and recent brokerage events will be illustrated. Representatives of the funding institutions and of ECSEL Italy will be available for further clarifications to the parties.

The ECSEL Mirror Group Italy has been established in Italy at the end of 2015, to support the Italian participation in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. It involves the Italian government through the Ministries of Research and University (MUR) and of Economic Development (MIMIT), the Regions, the Large Enterprise, the SMEs, the ANIE Federation and AEIT-AMES.
The ECSEL Mirror Group Italy continues now its activity in support of the KDT JU

KDT 2023 Information Day and networking event

Rome, March 6° 2023
Preliminary Agenda

10:00 Welcome Address
• CNR – C.Spinella
• AEIT – G.Parise, A.Imbruglia
10:20 ECSEL Italy: achievements 2022
• L. Baldi – President
10:30 The ICOS project
• E. Sangiorgi, Univ. Bologna
10:40 The KDT JU calls 2023 and the Chips Act
• Y. Gigase, ECSEL/KDT Office
11:10 MUR approach to KDT calls 2023
• A.Covello, MUR
11:30 MIMIT approach to KDT calls 2023
• Lippolis, Milazzo, MIMIT
11:50 Pause
12:10 The national Initiative for Microelectronics:
• A. Aresu
12:30 Round Table: Visions for Horizon Europe
• Moderator: R.Zafalon, KDT-JU Governing Board
13:30 Networking Lunch
14:30 ECS opportunities in Horizon Europe
• D.Coglitore, APRE
14:45 ECSEL Mirror Group Sweden
• T.Ebefors, Smartare Elektronik System Sweden
14:55 ECSEL Mirror Group Austria
• T.B.D
15:05 A beginners guide to KDT 2023 calls
• P. Azzoni, INSIDE/Eurotech
15:25 Ideas from ECS brokerage event
• A.Bianchi, SRA23Team & INSIDE / Leonardo
15:50 Q&A
16:20 End of the meeting

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