EdgeAI is a key initiative for the European digital transition towards intelligent processing solutions at the edge. EdgeAI develops new electronic components and systems, processing architectures, connectivity, software, algorithms, and middleware through the combination of microelectronics, AI, embedded systems, and edge computing. It will demonstrate the applicability of the developed edge AI hardware/software/algorithms approaches across various vertical solutions, considering security, trust, and energy efficiency demands inherent in several use cases. The project covers key strategic application areas such as Digital Industry, Energy, Agri-food and Beverage, Mobility, and Digital Society.

The EdgeAI strategic vision, mission and goals are:


Vision: To contribute towards the creation of a resilient, resource efficient and sustainable society by bringing excellence and innovation to the development of advanced edge AI technologies and applications.
Mission: To accelerate edge AI design, innovation, development, and deployment in Europe in different strategic industrial application areas, supporting the twin green and digital transitions.



I. To create a new framework embedding intelligence at the edge, and strengthening the development of low-power, real-time, energy-efficient AI hardware, embedded AI and software addressing multiple computing paradigms across the edge continuum.

II. To increase energy efficiency, improve processing capability, increase trustworthiness, and reduce the CO2 footprint of embedded edge AI applications across multiple industrial sectors.

III. To foster a dynamic edge AI European ecosystem based on the AI technology stack and digital value-chains across industrial sectors and increased competence and skills, leading to new industrial applications and new market opportunities for Europe.

IV. To advance research and innovation in edge AI-based technologies, new processor architectures, electronic components and systems, tools, AI-design methods, and middleware that guarantee security, trust and energy efficiency for infrastructures and industrial sectors across Europe.


Related projects


AI4DI’s (Artificial Intelligence for Digitizing Industry) mission is bringing AI from the cloud to the edge and making Europe a leader in silicon-born AI by advancing Moore’s law and accelerating edge processing adoption in different industries through reference demonstrators.


The ANDANTE (AI for New Devices And Technologies at the Edge) project promotes innovative hardware and software deep-learning solutions for future IoT at the edge products that combine extreme power efficiency as well as robust and powerful cognitive computing capabilities.


StorAIge (Embedded storage elements on next MCU generation ready for AI on the edge) aims to develop and industrialize FDSOI 28nm and next generation embedded Phase Change Memory (ePCM) world-class semiconductor technologies enabling competitive Artificial Intelligence for edge apps.


TEMPO (Technologies and hardware for neuromorphic computing) developed technologiess and hardware solutions to broaden the applicability and strengthen the European ecosystem of embedded neuromorphic computing, enabling AI in edge devices and applications.

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