AI techniques have become popular for solving different problems in power systems like control, planning, scheduling, forecast, etc. These techniques can deal with difficult tasks faced by applications in modern large power systems with even more interconnections installed to meet increasing load demand.

The Computer Vision Summit in London is the most prominent end-user-led summit dedicated to harnessing the power of intelligent vision technologies to create immense business value. The impressive gathering of industry leaders aims to equip attendees with the solutions, knowledge, and connections essential to drive their computer vision systems from vision to production and ultimately scale them for success.

This event is an amazing opportunity to unite with over 125 peers who share a common goal which is to leverage state-of-the-art vision technology and create a real business impact. This event serves as a platform for leaders to share actionable insights on the technical and strategic challenges related to CV systems. The participants can expect to deepen their understanding of creating strategy roadmaps for their vision products.

This event bridges the gap between engineers, end users, and strategists enabling them to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the computer vision landscape. Moreover, by participating in the Computer Vision summit the attendees can become part of the AIAI (Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision) community and get an opportunity to access an invaluable network of professionals, tools, and resources.

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