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Driving Next-Gen Edge AI Technologies

January 17 / 2024

The workshop aims to address the latest developments in the implementation of edge AI technologies and present and discuss the advances in intelligent embedded devices across the edge AI computing continuum from micro- to deep- and meta-edge. The aim is to advance the field of smart embedded devices by systematically evaluating and comparing technologies for edge AI.

The workshop is organised as a combination of presentations and panel discussions to allow the participants to share their insights, research findings, and best practices, fostering a collaborative environment that drives innovation in edge AI. The workshop is co-organised by large-scale Chips JU EdgeAI, ANDANTE, REBECCA, CLEVER, NEUROKIT2E, and Horizon Europe dAIEDGE projects to exchange ideas for providing a set of reference comprehensive benchmarking solutions by bringing together a diverse community of experts, researchers, and industry leaders to collectively tackle the intricacies of benchmarking in edge AI.

Workshop agenda

Workshop agenda

Session 1: Edge AI Concepts and Challenges

Session 2: Metrics and Tools

Session 3: Algorithms and Application

Session 4: System-level Benchmarking

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